Event Services

Day Darmet Productions is a Full-Service Event Company Providing Everything You Need for Your Upcoming Event

Event Management and Coordination

Our professional events and catering teams will handle all the details of your event. Our goal: Our clients can relax and enjoy their events.

We plan, book, track and supervise all components of your event. Communication is key!

With our in-house staffing agency, you are assured professionalism at all touch points. Providing the finest catering is essential, please request a curated tasting at our tasting room or your location.

We manage invitations, signage and badge design – in addition we track deadlines and budget. We monitor any third-party vendors to make sure your event runs successfully.

Venue Selection and Contracts

We have relationships with all the well-known venues, and all of the special small venues tucked into beautiful places in the Bay Area. Let us handle securing the venue and guiding you through the agreement process.

The choice of venue for your event is key. Whether at home, in the corporate office or park setting, we can assist with securing the location. Venue agreements can be complex, our team will help make sure all your needs are met. Any special permitting is handled by Day Darmet Productions. We are experts at cutting through red tape.

Event Design

Led by Creative Director and Co-Owner Florence Raynaud, our talented Design Team can help bring your vision to life. We have a passion for collaboration and love to plan fun and creative ways to wow your guests.

Our Design Team works with the client from the beginning of the process to produce stand-out events. We have an entire warehouse of props and décor. We can take any venue or location from ordinary to extraordinary.

Priding ourselves with an innovative and creative lens, we design your needs from print to table and transform an entire place.


Award winning Executive Chef Day Darmet leads a talented team preparing delicious, fresh and beautifully presented menus.

Catering is at the heart and soul of Day Darmet Productions.

Day loves the creative process. Taking fresh and local ingredients and turning them into edible art is a passion for her.

She loves to work with clients to produce the tastiest, most appropriate, and most beautiful menu choices for events. Delivering a visual impact followed by a ‘oh…yum!!’ makes her the happiest.

Day’s recipes span the globe of gastronomy, and she can amuse the taste buds of your guests with beautifully prepared and delicious menus for any occasion.

Catering Services

Catering Services

Service Staff

GastroGnomes Staffing Agency

Service Staff

Day Darmet Productions operates our own in-house staffing agency, GastroGnomes, which allows us to guarantee the finest service staff for any occasion.

An exceptional staff is a vital ingredient for any event. We are fortunate to have a core group of professional managers, bar tenders, service staff and reliable vendors that make events run smoothly and efficiently.

Operating an in-house staffing agency is essential as we have a large array of talented people who are ready to make each event a success.

Our friendly team members can dress appropriately for any occasion and are always eager to pitch in for any tasks.

Permits and City Services

With over 20 years of experience, we can get any necessary permits or City approvals far quicker than most. Leave this onerous task to us.

Acquiring the needed permits and City approvals can feel overwhelming. Place those tasks in our hands and we will research and arrange for any needed permits for your event. From parking space reservations to fire permits to building occupancy approvals, we’ll organize all walk throughs and paperwork – so you don’t have to!

Entertainment, Speakers, Audio Visual and Photographers

Our connections with the creative and tech communities allow us to hire the finest people to handle any of your technical needs.

If you are planning to capture your event via photography or audio-visual production, allow us to rifle through our digital rolodex to provide you with trusted artists and technicians who will get the job done right. Our ties with professional speaker agencies are helpful when looking for subject matter experts.

We’re connected to the entertainment community and can help find the perfect choice to elevate the event experience in very exciting ways.