Media Production

Look no further for an experienced TV, Video, Photo Shoot or Film production caterer.

From drop off meals, mobile kitchens, food trucks, uniquely designed boxed meals and full buffets, we have you covered.

Whether on set or on location our catering staff will go above and beyond making sure your team is well fed and energized. Our meals are designed to accommodate production crews and talent ~ from basic to extravagant.

In other words…

We take care of your cast and crew, and you focus on the production.

Full Service Buffet

Full Service Buffet

Full Service Buffet

Ww will provide a full array of snacks, appetizers, main courses, desserts and beverages for your hard-working crew.

Morning, noon or midnight, our team is there to feed your team so that they are fueled and happy.

We will remain on set to refresh the buffet from dawn to late night and provide mid-day snacks with hot and cold beverages to energize the teams spirit and creativity.

Take Away Box Meals

Convenience is essential when you are on a tight schedule. Day Darmet Productions can build tasty meals in sustainable containers, allowing the crew to ‘grab and go’ when needed.

Our chefs prepare customized boxes with any number of choices of dishes – sandwiches, salads, global menus – we can make whatever fits the tastes and dietary needs of the team.

And if you want the meals in a box that are inventive, our designers just love a creative challenge.

Drop Off Services

Many times, all you need is an assortment of delicious food set out for the crew, ready to eat.

We will work with you to design the perfect selection of items, deliver them to the set or studio, and the crew can help themselves.

We can provide sustainable plates, napkins and utensils, along with condiments and beverages of your choice.

Studio Location Services

We delight to be on set. We get fired up by the creative process and love to be a (‘quiet!’) part of the action.

No matter the studio or location, we can provide the cast and crew with all levels of customized and tasty catering.

We specialize in talent Green Rooms and can curate an experience that offers a more private space with dedicated service.

Used to being creative and blending into the scenery, we will set up delicious meals and craft services conveniently presented.

On Site Craft Services

On Site Craft Services

On Site Craft Services

Craft Services, better known as Crafty, is truly the hub of the film set. We are the folks who make sure the crew doesn’t go hungry between meals.

We can serve any cuisine or beverages you’d like, and our food truck can roll up to any location.

The Day Darmet Crafty set up is certain to keep your crew happy with our distinctive and appealing unique locally sourced products and global fusion snacks.

We also make sure there are plenty of treats, healthy and otherwise. Or what’s the point of the Craft Table?

Food Truck

Day Darmet Productions food truck is a big, beautiful kitchen on wheels. It’s also a fun blank canvas that can be ‘wrapped’ and decorated to suit any occasion.

We can help add a festive spirit to any production or event by customizing the exterior.

We serve hot or cold food and beverages from the interior galley, plus it’s also a fun outdoor location for the crew to take a break.

Wrap Parties

Yep, it’s a wrap and it’s time to celebrate.

Let Day Darmet Productions handle all the details of a party that celebrates a mighty big accomplishment for the entire cast and crew.

We have relationships with venues of all sizes and locations and will work with you to create a look and feel that mirrors the production you’ve just completed.

Chef Day Darmet loves to help people celebrate, and she always comes up with delicious and creative food and specialty cocktails that speak to the occasion.

Don’t forget to invite us to the premiere. Oh, and we can produce that event too.